St Margaret's top of the Sunday Times' Small Independent Schools'.

Welcome to St Margaret's

an independent school for girls between the ages of 4 and 16

Like most schools, we want our girls to be happy, rounded and confident. Like most schools we want our girls to do their very best academically.


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SaintMag Mar 12

The Year 7 Science Fair is open for business...

SaintMag Mar 07

Staff v Year 11 Netball Match, 3-3, youth & talent versus experience & hypercompetitiveness

SaintMag Feb 15

What's been happening at St M's? The Youth Travel Ambassadors Presentation, Y1 went to Pizza Express, and Year 5 were just splendid (and went Orienteering)

SaintMag Dec 12

Reception's Nativity Play

SaintMag Dec 12

Infants' Christmas Plays....Year 2

SaintMag Dec 06

Year 6 at Matilda

SaintMag Dec 03

The Junior Choir at Spring Grove Retirement Home

SaintMag Nov 13

Year 4 get to grips with robotics, courtesy of Mr Raimondi, father of Carla.

SaintMag Nov 13

The Curie House Celebrations. As well as being the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, the only person to win it for two different sciences, and the only woman to win it twice, she was (apparently) very fond of limbo dancing and the conga, hence their inclusion in thecelebrations.

SaintMag Nov 01

The Sport of Rowing was the (sort of winner), but the Y10 boat were the actual winners...

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