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Curie Fundraiser - Teacher Karakoe

Posted on: May 22, 2019

On Wednesday 22nd May, 13 brave teachers sang their hearts out to the girls for the Curie House Fundraiser. The Housemistresses channeled their inner ABBA and entertained the girls with questionable singing and brilliant dance moves. Mr Hartley, Mr Lee and Mr Stephenson became Elvis, with Mr Hartley replicating the King's facial expressions perfectly. Next up were Ms Ullstein and Ms Jost who blew everyone away with their beautiful singing, even making some girls want to cry (because they were so good; not what you would expect from a karaoke event!).  The final act is one that no witnesses will ever forget - The Spice Girls came to St Margaret’s! We still haven't figured out how Senior Management persuaded the Spice Girls to swap with them for the morning, but we can tell you they need to squeeze in some extra rehearsals before their upcoming tour! It was a truly entertaining event, and just shy of £250, which will go towards the building of a school in Sierra Leone in memory of a friend of Mrs Williams. 

Written by Adele Skelton
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