Pastoral Care

At the core of our Pastoral Care and central to our St Margaret's family ethos, we place the child. Everything we do, every decision made, whether it is a policy, an activity, the lunch menu, clubs, resources or curriculum, all stem from placing the girl at the heart of our first thought. Whilst we pride ourselves in our genuine family feel, our interest in each girl as an individual within, remains sincere.

Collectively we recognise the value of secure Pastoral Care. What interests the child is the present. If a girl is happy and feeling valued now the academic aims and results of the future will become fulfilled.

We are a small school, we are attentive, we care about the girls but most of all we listen.  We nurture our pupils towards being the best version they can be of themselves. We teach confidence without arrogance. We have girls who are supportive of one another and who are not afraid to make mistakes during their learning, able to just ‘have a go’.

It goes without saying that all our obvious pastoral systems of house mistresses, form tutors, safeguarding policies and so forth are in place as you would expect. However you cannot write a warmth policy! We actively promote an atmosphere of friendship and trust so that the worth and dignity and contribution of each member of the school is encouraged and appreciated. We aim to foster self-discipline, self-esteem, mutual respect and cooperation.

These words may explain something, but until you step inside our red front door, only then will you feel what it is that makes our girls tick. 

Process of Pastoral Care and Pupil Procedure

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