Why St Margaret's?

How does the ethos and philosophy differ from other schools?

We very much see ourselves as a family and place great importance on every child looking forward to coming to school every day to enjoy learning and social activities. We want the maximum from every child consistent with her happiness. We set realistic expectations and targets which, though demanding, are attainable. We do not select to achieve A* in every subject for every child at GCSE, but our academic record is extremely good.

"A gentle, nurturing school with a strong and secure family atmosphere providing a stimulating, tailor-made education"

"A little gem, to quote one parent"
The Good Schools Guide (2017)

What is special about our teaching staff?

We recruit and retain the very best teachers in order to ensure that the teaching and learning throughout the school are exceptional. Staff turnover is very low. We also focus closely on the staff's understanding of the importance of pastoral care in fostering a harmonious community.

“Everything is transparent – even the Head’s office”
The Good Schools Guide (2017)

'The pupils feel they are extremely well supported in their studies'
ISI Inspection Report (April 2014)

Is the school adequately resourced in terms of teaching staff?

We believe that our teacher/pupil ratio is among the best in London. We introduce specialist teachers from as young as Reception (French, Music, PE and ICT) and this increases as the girls progress up the school.

Do you invest in additional training of staff?

Yes, we provide insets during the pupils' school holidays and staff attend appropriate training days on courses of particular relevance.

What about general resources?

Look around when you visit the school. We hope you will agree that St Margaret's is very well resourced for a school of its size. If we don’t have a particular resource on site, we take the girls to the resource elsewhere.

Does the school have high standards?

Yes. Our standards are very high. We have managed to instil a very good work ethos in all our pupils. This is based on a blend of tried and traditional techniques, and early adoption of new trends based on educational research.

‘Pupils’ attitudes to learning are outstanding’

‘By the time they leave the school, the pupils have reached an outstanding standard of personal development’

‘Throughout the school there is a strong emphasis on honesty, high standards of behaviour, respect for others and self-discipline’
ISI Inspection Report (April 2014)

Are the academic results good?

Our girls' results are extremely competitive, particularly given that we are only modestly selective. Over the past five years, 62% of our girls’ GCSE results have been graded A* or A.

‘Clear educational direction is evident in the good standards achieved at the end of Year 6 and in the outstanding GCSE results’
ISI Inspection Report (2014)

What are the girls' destination schools after GCSEs?

After leaving at 16, our girls attend a variety of Sixth Form and Further Education establishments with the emphasis being on pursuing a school that feels a good fit.

Below is a collated list of all the schools the girls have gone to over the past two academic years:

Alexandra Park School

Ark Academy

Brampton College 

Channing School 

City of London School for Girls

Hampstead Fine Arts

Henrietta Barnett 

Highgate School  

Kingston University 

Northwood College 

Queenswood School

St Marylebone School


In a sentence, what do we believe?

We believe that every girl should graduate from St Margaret’s as confident without being arrogant, that we can encourage excellent performance without excessive pressure and that a girl's happiness is key.

‘Pupils demonstrate a strong sense of self-worth and by the time they leave the school develop into confident, independent young people’
ISI Inspection Report (April 2014)

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