Policies are all available on hard copy by contacting the school office. Other policies, such as Staff Code of Conduct, and Safer Recruitment are also available upon request.

Large print or higher visibility versions of our documents are also available.



Page Downloads Date  
Admissions Policy 16th Sep 2019 Download
Anti Bullying Policy 20th Nov 2020 Download
Appeals against GCSE Internal Assessment... 08th Jan 2018 Download
Behaviour, Rewards, Sanctions & Exclusio... 25th May 2020 Download
Bursary Policy 15th Mar 2021 Download
Careers Policy 04th Dec 2020 Download
Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy &... 13th Sep 2021 Download
Complaints Procedure and Policy 20th Nov 2020 Download
Controlled Assessment Risk Management Pr... 08th Jan 2018 Download
Curriculum Policy 25th May 2020 Download
Disability Policy and Accessibility Poli... 25th May 2020 Download
EAL Policy 03rd Jun 2019 Download
Equal Opportunities Policy 18th Jun 2019 Download
Exams and Appeals Policy 28th Sep 2020 Download
First Aid Policy and Administration of M... 04th Mar 2019 Download
Number of Formal Complaints 2018 to 2020 24th Jun 2021 Download
Health and Safety Policy 29th May 2020 Download
Lost or Missing Children Policy 03rd Jun 2019 Download
Non Collection of Children Policy.pdf 01st Jun 2019 Download
Word Processor Usage in Public Exams Pol... 07th Oct 2019 Download
SEN Policy 24th Feb 2020 Download
Selection for Admission Criteria 04th Sep 2017 Download
Safer Recruitment, Selection & Disclosur... 26th Nov 2021 Download
Pupil Supervision Policy 03rd Jun 2019 Download
Pupil ICT Acceptable Use Policy 04th Sep 2019 Download
Process of Pastoral Care and Pupil Proce... 20th Sep 2018 Download
Privacy Notice for Pupils 08th Mar 2021 Download
Online Safety Policy 06th Jan 2020 Download
Privacy Notice for Parents and Teachers 08th Mar 2021 Download
Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy -... 24th Sep 2020 Download
School Rules 15th Mar 2021 Download
Relationships & Sex Education Policy 01st Nov 2021 Download
Harmful & Illegal Substances Policy 24th Jun 2019 Download
Determining Teacher Assessed Grades Poli... 29th Apr 2021 Download
Remote Learning Policy 01st Jun 2020 Download

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