The Governors of the School, who are also Trustees of the charity which operates it, determine the aims, strategy and overall conduct of the school. They set and review the policies, plans and procedures that will ensure the best possible education for present and future pupils of St Margaret's. They are responsible for legal and regulatory compliance and risk management, financial propriety, strategic direction, the maintenance of standards and the guardianship of the charity's assets. Responsibility for the day to day management of the school is delegated to the Principal.

The current membership of the Board of Governors

Emily Brettle (Chairman) joined the Board in 2013. She studied Classics at New College, Oxford and then became a solicitor in the City of London specialising in competition law. Emily has been teaching Latin at The Academy School in Hampstead since 2009. Emily is married with three sons. She and her family enjoy spending their holidays in the Lake District.

Carol Gay is the co-founder and Head of The Village School in Belsize Park. She joined the Board in 2009.

Nick Gifford read law at Cambridge and practised as a barrister. He then joined the IT industry, serving as International Legal Counsel before moving into mainstream management. After holding several senior executive roles, he set up his own consulting firm specialising in strategic business planning, risk management and information security.

Edmund Grower is a solicitor in private practice. He has been a Governor since 2002.

Lisa Harriman has two daughters, both Old Girls of St Margaret's, and was actively involved with the Friends of St Margaret's for ten years. She manages an independent bookshop in north London and joined the board in 2012.

Gabriel Leung has one daughter, an Old Girl of St Margaret's, and worked in investment banking for over 15 years in a variety of roles in global markets. He became a Governor in 2016.

Dugald MacNeill joined the Board in 2014. His career has been in the manufacturing and IT industries and he implemented and managed Quality, Environmental and Information Security certified management systems. Both his wife and daughter are academics. His other interests include voluntary charity work, Arsenal and his MG sports car.

Faarid Patel is joint Managing Director of Mediscript Ltd. He is a Chartered Accountant and takes particular responsibility for oversight of the School's investments. He has been a Governor since 2008.

Adrian Wayne is a General Practitioner at a North London Medical Centre. Dr Wayne is the Governor with special responsibility for Child Protection. He joined the Board in 2007.

Michelle Wayne became a Governor in 2004. She is married to a local GP and has two grown-up daughters. She has been involved for 30 years in administration in investment banking and schools, combined with parallel careers in professional tennis coaching and modern languages. She enjoys travel, opera and all sports. As Michelle Ballheimer, she was a St Margaret's pupil in the 1960's.

Contacting the Board of Governors

Any correspondence for the Chairman of Governors or Board of Governors should be addressed to:

Chairman of Governors
c/o The Clerk to the Governors
St Margaret's School
18 Kidderpore Gardens
London NW3 7SR

To telephone the Clerk, ring the school number and ask for The Bursar.

Alternatively, the Chairman may be emailed at:

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