St Margaret's is an independent school for girls between the ages of 4 and 16. There are 171 girls and 25 teachers in the St Margaret's family.

Like most schools, we want our girls to be happy, rounded and confident. Like most schools we want our girls to do their very best academically. We work towards reaching these goals by engaging with each girl on a personal level, something you can do when you have small classes, low teacher turnover, and a culture of involvement. Every girl stands out at St Margaret's School.

'Where wellbeing prospers and academia thrives'

Here it is not only the tallest, most athletic girls who represent the school at netball, or the most extrovert who get the speaking roles in plays. Everyone is valued, and we encourage and celebrate excellence and enthusiasm in equally high measure. Every girl is involved in the life and experiences that the school has to offer.

Our girls' exam results are excellent, with on average about 2 out of every 3 GCSEs taken graded A* or A.

The school has become expert at teaching girls since 1884. As we rarely advertise, almost all our girls come here through word of mouth. If you haven't arrived here through a personal recommendation, you may wish to read an independent review of the school from the current Good Schools Guide or our 2014 Inspection Report. We are understandably pleased with both but, as any current parent will tell you, there is really no substitute for coming to see us in person. What should be immediately apparent to anyone visiting the school is this: small class sizes, a culture of learning, and an environment in which treating each other with respect and kindness is the norm, not an aim.

Here's a selection of quotes about St Margaret's School from our latest ISI Inspection Report and The Good Schools' Guide:

"Pupils demonstrate a strong sense of self-worth and by the time they leave the school develop into confident, independent young people."

"Clear educational direction is evident in the good standards achieved at the end of Year 6 and in the outstanding GCSE results."

"Pupils speak warmly of the family type atmosphere and concern for younger pupils by the older girls is striking."
ISI Inspection Report, April 2014

"A gentle nurturing school with a strong and secure family atmosphere providing a stimulating, tailor-made education. A little gem, to quote one parent."
The Good Schools' Guide, 2017

Here is a short information film about our school.

St Margaret's School Information Film

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