Does St Margaret’s follow the EYFS Curriculum?
At St Margaret’s, we have elected to opt out of the EYFS. This gives us more freedom to develop a bespoke curriculum with depth, breadth and stretch to suit our enthusiastic young learners. Even though we have opted out of the EYFS, we still highly value play and exploration within the setting. We encourage the girls to show resilience and a growth mindset in taking charge of their own learning within the carefully planned environment.

Reception to Year 2 - After School Enrichment Programme
While the school offers a range of clubs and activities for the girls across the age groups, we offer a bespoke programme for any of our Reception to Year 2 pupils who stay behind after school. 

Gilly Longton, one of our Teaching Assistants, was, in a former career, part of the Blue Peter production team. She also runs an Art Club out of school, and has used her creative skills to put together a programme each evening which features activities ranging from Cookery to Art to Music and Movement.

Please see the Infant Enrichment Programme page for more information.

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