Joining at 7+ (Year 3)

7+ Admission (Year 3) for September 2022

There is a three-step process to a 7+ application for a place at St Margaret’s: The Registration Form and Fee, The Reference and The Test. There are approximately 3 new places available for our Year 3 class each year.

The Registration Form and Fee
Simply fill in the Registration Form on this website and pay a Registration Fee of £100 by BACS or cheque.

The Reference
We ask your daughter’s current school to provide a reference for feedback on her social and academic performance over the previous year.

The Test
This will be held at the School and will involve a Mathematics test, as well as a short piece of free writing and a comprehension task for the English component. The teacher taking the assessment will chat to your daughter at some point, but we will use her school reference as the main source of information about her character. The girls will be with us for an hour and 45 minutes.

Key Dates for 7+ (Year 3) 2022 Entry 
Closing date for applications:
16th November 2021

Date for assessment:
17th November 2021

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