To create this poster, we looked at the qualities we wanted to develop in our programme for our girls, and some of the means.

At St Margaret’s we are a family school offering a community of support and a secure environment outside the home. 

  • We give our pupils warmth, stability and cohesiveness alongside positivity in our approach at all times. 
  • We promote strong social connections between staff and pupils and among the girls and between school and home. 
  • We nurture vital qualities such as empathy, optimism or forgiveness and give pupils a chance to use them. 
  • We avoid focusing on negative behaviour or failure and teach by example.
  • We foster feelings of competence and self-efficacy encouraging self-reflection and the ability to accept failure at a task, so that all girls are encouraged to just ‘have a go’. 

Above all we listen, respond and guide our pupils towards developing strong feelings of self-worth. 

Here are some useful links to websites for wellbeing issues.

Wellbeing Websites

Please see below for a brief introduction about our school counsellor, Mrs Pilar Rodrigo.

School Counsellor Information


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