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Summer 2017 GSCE Results

Posted on: August 24, 2017

As you may have read, nationally exam results dipped this year with the introduction of new, more challenging GCSEs, complete with the sought after ‘9’ grade, reserved for
the top 2% - 3% of scores.

However, you will be pleased to learn that our girls performed exceptionally well.

  • 82% of our girls’ GCSEs were graded A*/A or equivalent
  • The majority of our girls achieved a clean sweep of A*/A grades
  • 10% of our GCSEs were graded the coveted ‘9’ (awarded to the top 2% to 3% of GCSE scores)
  • Half of the girls achieved at least one ‘9’ grade
  • St Margaret’s girls were among those distinguished by achieving the ultimate ‘9, 9, 9’ results
  • Every subject yielded more A* (or equivalent) grades than any other grade (and overall, 3 out of every 5 were graded A* or the equivalent)

As a comparison, while 2.6% of pupils nationally achieved a ‘9’ for English Language, 50% of our girls achieved that grade. Our score of 82% A*/A is 20% higher than the average for private schools, and four times the national average.

St Margaret’s is not a hothouse, nor are we highly selective, and nor do we ask girls to leave lest they might ‘damage’ our league table position. Many of you will have read about this practice during the summer holidays, though the school in question may
count itself unlucky for being singled out for something far more common than may be recognised.

Most of our Year 11s had been at the school since Reception, and all the girls who had been at St Margaret’s since the infant years achieved at least 9 A*/A grades.

We hope this reassures parents that it is possible to develop a girl’s academic potential without compromising her wellbeing. As always, we prioritise this over their exam results, and we hope the above results demonstrate that one can encourage high achievement without recourse to undue pressure.

Most of all, I must congratulate the girls. Whatever results they individually obtained, they all did their very best, and this is all we could want from them.

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