Financial Assistance

St Margaret’s girls come from a variety of backgrounds. In order to enable more girls to benefit from our education, we offer a Bursary programme whereby the school pays up to 100% of a girl’s fees.

Entry Requirements for the Girl

Girls applying for a Bursary place go through the same assessment process as any other prospective pupil. From Reception to Year 4 this will normally involve spending the morning or afternoon with the class during which time her teacher will observe how she gets on with the work the rest of the girls are doing. From Year 5 to Year 6 this will be supplemented by an English and a Maths test. From Year 7 onwards admission is based on a standard entrance test (English and Maths again). They are not required to achieve any more than the minimum entry criteria.

Financial Assessment

The amount of Bursary assistance varies according to the financial situation of her parent/parents. Those on a low income may be eligible for the school to pay all of a girl’s fees. The judgement is based on income and assets, so you will be required to show an independent evaluator items like bank statements or, where appropriate, payslips.  You may also be visited at home. All information is kept confidential.
What to do next

If you would like to visit the school we would be happy to show you around or invite you to our next Open Session. To apply for a Bursary please contact the Bursar.



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