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St Margaret's top of the Sunday Times' Small Independent Schools'.

Welcome to St Margaret's

an independent school for girls between the ages of 4 and 16

Like most schools, we want our girls to be happy, rounded and confident. Like most schools we want our girls to do their very best academically.


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SaintMag Jan 26

Just a reminder to send in any St Margaret's bag pictures....

SaintMag Jan 26

The launch of the new 'St Margaret's Family Trees', groups of girls from Reception to Year 11, who will meet once a month for a chance to get to know each other, and talk about, well, this and that n' stuff

SaintMag Jan 11

For those keen to know what their daughters can choose each day, this was lunch on Tuesday and today (Thursday)

SaintMag Jan 08

Welcome back to the world of St Margaret's. The girls' assignment for the holidays was to have their St Margaret's bag photographed somewhere unusual. Here is an early selection.

SaintMag Dec 12

Twelve Days of Christmas rehearsal....St Luke's 12/11/17

SaintMag Dec 12

It's lucky Roy Wood's Wizzard never got their wish or we would all be unable to do any work in the afternoons

SaintMag Dec 08

Drawing Amelia Fang workshop

SaintMag Dec 08

Last Christmas I gave guitar....that was not the best swap....

SaintMag Dec 06

What was for lunch today? We are going to be tweeting as often as we can what is on the menu each day. The soup is always particularly splendid.

SaintMag Dec 04

Don't mess with Maya, who this weekend gained her Black Belt in Taekwondo

SaintMag Dec 01

The tree is up and Reception have performed their nativity. It's official - you may start feeling festive. Ho Ho Ho 🎅

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